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Another day, another multi-million dollar fraud...

//Cameron [a chiropractor] and her conspirators owned, operated, and had a financial interest in ... companies through which they obtained doctors’ orders for durable medical equipment [DME], namely orthotic braces, for Medicare beneficiaries without regard to medical necessity. Cameron and her conspirators obtained DME orders using marketing call centers and telemedicine companies (including multiple Florida-based companies), caused the submission of false and fraudulent claims to Medicare, and paid illegal kickbacks. 

Cameron and her conspirators also owned, operated, and had a financial interest in a CGx company through which she agreed to provide a clinical laboratory with leads of beneficiaries who were qualified to receive federal health care benefits for cancer genetic tests. Cameron submitted invoices to the clinical laboratory seeking payment on a per-lead basis, but entered into a sham agreement to disguise kickback and bribe payments.

In total, Cameron and her conspirators caused a loss to Medicare of more than $14.9 million.//

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